Pick Up Solutions

Gentili Technology Equipment can transform any pick-up into a perfect multi-purpose utility vehicle.

Your perfect solution, created from the widest range of our Infinity modular storage solutions and high-quality roof mounted equipment. The Gentili’s Nucleo pod offers you extraordinary new levels of access to your tools and materials, all done safely and easily.

Further enhance your 4x4 vehicle with a Gentili’s Nucleo pod; giving operators a perfect solution, and allowing them to work comfortably on difficult terrains.

3 Steps, transforming your pick-up
into an efficient and smart place to work

The G POD from Gentili will transform your utility vehicle in 3 steps, guaranteeing high safety standards for the installation of the body onto the vehicle chassis.

NUCLEO G POD, the smart way to work

Your 4x4 gives you grip and control, we give you structure and form to help you feel good about what you do and how you do it.

Internal organised structure
provides for maximum output

Selecting racking and storage systems from our extensive range will help you deliver a better customer experience. Accessible usable space, providing protective care for your valuable tools, materials and equipment.

Full access at eye level on all 3 sides

The G POD comes as standard with two aluminium roller shutters, making it easy for the operator to access the storage area. These shutters run along purpose made guides and their opening and closing is facilitated by a recoil mechanism. Keep your tools and equipment safe with the key lock on each shutter supplied as standard. At the rear of the G POD a gas strut assisted rear hatch will give easy access to the rear loading area of the body, also fitted with a key lock as standard as well as a high level 3rd rear brake light.

G Pod + Infinity + G2000 Harrier – All in one

Your perfect solution created from the widest range of our Infinity modular storage solutions and high-quality roof mounted equipment like our G2000 HARRIER ladder rack; giving you the confidence to invest in your business today and introduce change in the future.

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