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Van racking systems

Flooring panels

Featuring an non-slip finish, Gentili’s flooring panels are cut to measure. A heavy-duty support for fixing racking and units.
Available flooring panels:
- Cut to measure 9mm-thick phenolic film Finnish birch plywood panel. It is waterproof and resistant to oils and acids. It is milled on the edges so as to apply a stainless steel end element perfectly flush.
- Aluminium treadplate flooring panel. Thickness: 2mm + 2mm (textured surface).

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Ciao mondo!

Interior lining

To protect the internal walls and doors of vehicles from any damage, Gentili can manufacture custom-made interior lining made of plastic or aluminium treadplate.
Available interior lining:
- 3.5mm polypropylene lining. Lightweight, impact resistant and easy to clean. The embossed surface is light grey.
- Aluminium treadplate lining. Thickness: 2mm + 2mm (textured surface).

Racking frame

Infinity frame consists of side elements made of extruded anodised aluminium tubular profiles. They are fixed to the frame panels by means of screws and spring steel threaded clips. The frame panels are made of extruded anodised aluminium tubular profiles and are connected one another through mechanically fitted aluminium die-cast elements and stainless steel screws.

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Side panels

We use 1.5mm-thick anodised aluminium panels to cover the racking side elements and protect the operator from the risk of friction or cuts during use. In the middle of the panels there are squared holes where you can fix tool holders.

Base units

The base units are the structural support of racking and are mounted over the wheel arches. They are fixed to the load platform by means of aluminium die-cast elements fitted into specific seats in the front and rear upright profiles. At the front, they are closed by a door or a horizontally-hinged door, so that it is possible to store material and prevent any unwanted movements while driving.
Available base units:
- Base unit with no door
- Base unit with door that opens upward by means of a gas piston
- Base unit with horizontally-hinged door opening over the floor.

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Drawer units

Gentili’s drawer units are ideal for storing valuable tools, spare parts or small equipment out of sight. Available in various sizes and numbers of drawers, they are designed with special technical specifications that make them extremely safe and sturdy. They are entirely made of extruded aluminium profiles and plastic connection elements. The drawers slide out smoothly thanks to telescopic slide rails and are maintained in the fully open position. Each pair of drawers has a 60 kg load capacity. Drawers are equipped with soundproofing rubber mats as standard, whereas removable extruded aluminium dividers can be supplied as optional. Drawer units are available in various sizes and combinations, and it is also possible to fit pull out service cases.


Bins are the best solution to store tools, as you can see them and pick what you need quickly. Bins with removable dividers allow you to create spaces of various sizes depending on the objects to be stored. They are equipped with rubber mats as standard, to dampen noise and vibrations inside the vehicle. As an option, removable extruded aluminium dividers can also be supplied. Bins with hinged lids are also available.

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Bins with pull-out boxes

Instead of bins with removable dividers, it is also possible to have bins with shockproof pull-out plastic boxes that are available in different sizes. The boxes are extremely convenient to range small items to be used at the workplace.

Telescopic tray

To transport long objects such as tubes and bars, a telescopic tray made of two pieces is available. It can be mounted over the shelves or fixed to the vehicle wall. A small hatch facilitates loading and unloading by insertion.

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Lockers are ideal for storing and securing protective workwear or valuable items. Gentili’s lockers feature a full sized single door, shelves and key lock. Different sizes available.

Heavy-duty fold-down workbench

The heavy-duty fold-down workbench is ideal when you need a stiff and robust table to work on.
It features an adjustable leg assisted by a gas spring that holds the workbench in position when using it.
When driving, a snap handle securely retains the workbench in the closed position. It can be equipped with a parallel-jawed or chain vice.

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Lightweight fold-down workbench

The lightweight fold-down workbench is ideal for minor repair works that do not require a support leg resting on the ground. A snap handle retains the workbench in the open and closed positions.